Debt Relief

San Diego Attorneys Fighting Collection Abuses and Achieving Freedom from Debt

Personal Debt Relief

The Law Offices of Daniel Lickel provides legal assistance to individuals with personal debt problems, so called “consumer debt”.  Consumer means anything related to your home, your car, your daily living or your personal finances.  Consumer debt is currently overwhelming many Americans.  It is important for you to know your rights. We can help inform you.  Those rights involve many different options:  bankruptcy, law suits for unlawful loans or fraud, defense strategies that can defeat debt collection suits, claims for violations of the fair debt collection laws.  We can explain these options to you.

Problems Paying Personal Debts

When you cannot pay your debts bad things happen. Everybody knows this but only when it happens to you can you really know how difficult such circumstances are. Constant phone calls and letters from collectors, collection lawsuits, home forecloses, car repossessions and stress, lots and lots of stress. This is an all too familiar experience.  Legal solutions are available if you seek them out.  The fair debt collection laws can be used to stop the phone calls and letters.  Bankruptcy can in many cases stop all of these problems.

Many Solutions Are Available

A debtor in trouble has many legal options available to defend against creditors. Strict rules prohibit collectors from using abusive and misleading tactics. Various consumer protection laws provide ways for creditors to cancel debt without bankruptcy. And bankruptcy can give a debtor a fresh start and put an end to the stress and chaos as soon as it is filed.

Free Consultation

We are willing to meet with you for free to discuss your options, all of your options. While there are many bankruptcy attorneys to chose from, few offer what we can provide at the Law Offices of Daniel Lickel: a complete analysis of all your options, not just your bankruptcy options.